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Carla Sierra Suárez is a Mexican multidisciplinary artist and visual storyteller based in Tkaronto. Currently pursuing a BFA in Sculpture/Installation at OCAD University.  In her practice, she explores themes of identity through mental health as well as the duality of being part of the Latinx diaspora and a Muslim convert. She aims to bring to light issues that have been often stigmatized, creating a safe space for self-expression. She further explores other aspects of her identity as an immigrant, as a woman, as Mentally Ill, as Disabled, and as someone who has PTSD and is Neurodivergent. Carla refers to herself as a visual storyteller as her work is all autobiographical in nature. Her work is vulnerable and brings light to issues that have been often stigmatized. It speaks of our collective truth, our reality, and our lived experiences.

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